A personal project I've been working on whenever I felt like doing so. I wanted to create a super detailed environment, which captures the feeling of being underwater. I've become a bit allergic to artists on social media (over)using megascans and other readily available assets, so I wanted to challenge myself and do everything from scratch.

I've made a procedural coral generator to have multiple models of each type of coral. All the materials are made with procedural noises in Redshift; the corals, sand, rocks and water surface for example. The only image texture I used was for the fish, which I modeled, rigged and animated myself. I also did a photoscan of a shell with barnicles on it, which I had lying around. Even the lens imperfections I did myself, by photographing a dirty lens. The caustics were animated in After Effects, and the camera movement was extracted from some footage I shot with my phone.

✶ Cinema 4D (with Redshift)
✶ After Effects