My graduation film for my bachelor design at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht!
Modeled from scratch, textured with digital paint and no live action footage; 100% CGI.

Stekken is a short but contemplative 3D animation which explores the themes of serenity, nature, time and reverie. By accurately emulating nostalgic childhood memories that were gained while fishing, the film tries to capture the dreamlike feeling of a lazy summer afternoon. Rather than relying on a traditional storytelling structure, Stekken primarily focuses on the audiovisual experience and the minutiae of this specific atmosphere, ultimately evoking a sense of relaxation and encouraging the viewer to reconnect with oneself.

Once its festival run is over the full 5 minute long film and a making-of will be published here!

Stekken has been shown at:
- HKU Exposure 2023
- Animatieavond Utrecht 2023
- HKU x NFF Blikvangers 2023
- LTV Lowlands 2023
- Kaboom Animation Festival 2024
- Playgrounds TAD Eindhoven 2024

✶ Cinema 4D (with Redshift)
✶ After Effects
✶ Photoshop
✶ Heavypaint