Crops portrays the story of an alien from a distant solar system, who happens to fall in love with planet Earth and its inhabitants. During her journey to meet our planet, she encounters many complications along the way, and ultimately she experiences what Earth is truly like.

The music video was made by 5 students for a school assignment, with the only condition being that it needed to be mixed media. I did the edit, grade, VFX and the 3D scan of the alien. Everyone also created and animated their own 3D world where the alien would travel across.

Alien - Pam Schokker
Director - Esther Beije
Producer - Naomi Voet
Production Design & Concept - Barbara Dijks
Camera & DOP - Willem in 't Veld

✶ DaVinci Resolve
✶ Cinema 4D
✶ After Effects
✶ Mocha
✶ Metashape